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The Client

Wine farm owner and creative maverick, Nikki Friedman, wants to revolutionise the South African wine farm industry. So when there were musings of a new chardonnay festival being annually held at Môreson, we jumped at the chance to be involved. The festival is called New School Grand Cru and showcases the best chardonnay being produced in South Africa.


Our Challenge

We were asked to collaborate with Nikki to design this new and exciting wine festival. Firstly we needed to develop the festival branding and visual language. Once this was completed we needed to design the festival campaign website, marketing materials and the collateral needed for the event.


Our Solution

We crafted a brand identity that captures the personality and artistic flair of the festival. We then embarked on designing the visual language. For this we wanted to steer clear of any traditional aesthetics. The festival needed to communicate a fresh, youthful and exciting personality.


Wines with attitude

We were briefed to ‘breathe new life’ into the chardonnay varietal with our branding and overall approach. We hand painted some of the key elements for the visual language such as the pattern, textures, and grapes. We then converted these to digital assets to use across the festival’s marketing campaigns.

Art Immitating Life


Campaign Touchpoints

With this being the first festival, there was an extensive advertising campaign that had to be rolled out in order to firstly secure all the various wine estates’ interest to participate in the event, and secondly to attract festival goers. We designed various festival advertising posters and a festival website.

The Festival Landing Page


Digital Campaign

We designed and developed a single, scrolling, paralax campaign website. As the participating wine farms registered for the event, they were loaded onto the site. The brief was to keep the site super simple, but it should communicate the essential festival information. The client chose to use a third party booking engine for the purchasing of tickets.


Festival Program

The final brand components for the festival were the large scale banners required for the actual day and the festival program. The booklet needed to showcase all of the participating wine farms and a map which reflected their actual location in the region. We also needed to capture detailed information about their chardonnay which was available to sample during the festival day.


“We worked with Wonderland Collective on the launch and inorgoral year of our Chardonnay festival. We recieved fantastic feedback on the branding and overall look and feel for the event.”

Nikki Friedman, The Lady Fizz