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The Client

Mullineux Family Wines was established in 2007, and is owned and managed by Chris and Andrea Mullineux, with business partners, Keith Prothero and Peter Dart. Within a very short time period the winery established itself as one of South Africa’s most celebrated wine brands, both locally and on the international front. By 2016 they had received seventeen 5 star ratings from Platter’s South African Wine Guide, as well as being awarded Red Wine of the Year in 2013 and 2016, and Winery of the Year in 2014 and 2016.


Our Challenge

We were commissioned by the wonderful Mullineux Wines team to reimagine and develop their collection of winery websites. Firstly we needed to strategically define who Mullineux’s target audience is and then create a site flow that would resonate with the users. A crucial component of our overall brief was for the Mullineux Wines website to have a two-prong approach: firstly to continue to educate the local South African audience and, secondly, to gain further traction on their international and export market.

Digital Storytelling


Our Solution

We worked closely with the Mullineux Wines team on unpacking the new content and site architecture. This was the foundation that would assist in ensuring the rest of our project ran smoothly. We held a content workshop with the team to advise on the ideal length and approach with their digital storytelling.


User Friendly

We chose to create a landing page structure for each page that would take the user on a tactile, storytelling journey. Key parts of the site remained simple as to ensure possible lead generation. We ensured that the selection of wines is easy to navigate to and order. Although the client didn’t want a purchasing portal through the site, they wanted to still collect possible wine order interest for each wine.

Desktop Magic


Award-winning wines

These awards honour individuals and companies that have contributed to the success of the wine industry and have shown “energy, courage, groundbreaking vision and business acumen”. This is the first time a South African winemaker has received this honour and only the third woman winemaker winner in the 17-year history of the awards. Andrea Mullineux is co-owner and winemaker at Mullineux & Leeu Family Wines with Mullineux wines based in the Swartland region at Roundstone Farm, as well as a new and yet to be released project based in Franschhoek at the Leeu Estate. Mullineux also has a California brand, Fog Monster Wines and is a member of the Cape Winemaker’s Guild. Since the launch of the Mullineux brand in 2007, Mullineux, together with her co-founder and husband Chris, has notched up 18 five-star wine ratings from Platter’s South African Wine Guide as well as being named Winery of the Year in both 2014 and 2016.


Empowering our clients

As an agency, we have a firm belief in empowering our clients to be able to own and update their sites. We built the Mullineux website with this exact goal in mind. Powered by WordPress, we trained the Mullineux team on how to update their content and imagery when required. We still take care of the website maintenance to ensure it’s secure and optimised.


5 star ratings from Platter’s South African Wine Guide


Received Red Wine of the Year Award


Voted Global Winery of the Year


“We commissioned Wonderland Collective to reorganise, design and build our winery website. We had a dated site which was content heavy and static. We firstly started our project with the team developing a new user strategy and flow which then enabled us to understand what the core parts of our site are and where we were losing users. The team then proceeded to design and develop the site for us. We are thrilled with the new site and have now commissioned Wonderland to do the same for our new second winery website set to launch in 2017. We highly recommend their expertise, project management and delivery.”

Nicola Tipping, Sales & Marketing Director