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The Client

The World Psoriasis Happiness Report 2017 continues to explore the impact that living with self-reported psoriasis has on happiness. The report aims to facilitate the development and exchange of ideas and policy initiatives to improve the lives of more than 125 million people living with psoriasis around the world. The report analyses input LEO Innovation Lab have received on surveys delivered through PsoHappy and explores different aspects of living with self-reported psoriasis from 79,636 users in 21 countries.


The Challenge

LEO Innovation Lab (LEO iLab as we term them) made contact with us around the visualisation of their year-long Psoriasis data collection campaign. They had unpacked all their results and statistics and needed to put these into a conclusive report which would be released globally. We were supplied all the findings and conclusions and we needed to develop the content for the report from their results, design the report and house this in a digital manner.


Our Solution

It sounds simple but it really wasn’t. We had to understand data collected from several continents and work together with the LEO iLab team to define which measurements would give us the best understanding of their collective work. We worked with their team to define the structure of the report and then deliver our softened content making the report accessible to readers from all walks of life.

The visualisation of data


The Report Brand

We designed a brand and visual language for the World Happiness Report. The language was graphical and introduced key illustrative elements, which would allow us to best unpack the theme around Psoriasis and Happiness in the most approachable format. We also developed the key launch materials needed to propel the report onto the global healthcare stage.


The Report

We worked with the LEO iLab team to understand which of the key data needed to be visualised. We created illustrative chapters for each continent, but we also designed several infographics which highlighted a key element of comparative happiness. This format of visualisation allowed us to create content that various readers would understand and connect with.


The Measurement Website

One of the client’s requirement was to design a single scrolling website page that would introduce and educate users to what the report was about. It would also be the digital home where users could download the report, therefore giving the LEO iLab team some vital analytics on who is downloading their content.

Desktop Magic

Illustrating the point


And the final result?

The team at LEO iLab expressed that the launch of the report was a great success. It has led to them securing more funding for various future healthcare and happiness projects. It was certainly an incredible project for us to partner with Leo Labs on.


PsoHappy and explored different aspects of living with self-reported psoriasis from 79,636 users.


21 countries - users from all over the world were interviewed and screened for the results


“We were launching the first ever Global World Psoriasis Happiness Report and needed a team that could just jump in and deliver against very tight deadlines. Wonderland were great to work with: they understood immediately what the project needed and set-up the team to deliver. The visual identity and the graphic style they have developed stand out and helped us build a brand from scratch in less than a month.”

Catalina Cernica – LEO Innovation Lab