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The Client

Kinorigo believe that good design makes the world a better place to be. With over 30 years’ experience in their industry, Kinorigo are the leading authority on all types of stone for interior and exterior design. Their unique range of products includes the very finest natural and man-made stone, and they recently launched a new range of designer porcelain furniture which clients can incorporate luxury design into new and exciting spaces.


The Challenge

Kinorigo approached Wonderland to firstly assist with understanding and defining their brand strategy. As a luxury orientated brand, they wanted to ensure that the new brand would resonate with their target audience of UK based architecture and interior design firms. We were then commissioned to design their new brand, corporate identity package, marketing materials, launch their furniture line and of our course their website and digital presence.


Our Solution

As advocates for building brands with an emotional connection, we defined Kinorigo as a brand that truly ‘Lives Design’. In every aspect of their business, whether its the sourcing of ethical marble and porcelain or the way in which the Kinorigo team deliver for a project, the business cares about supreme quality and attention. We focused on this in our brand delivery and paired it with a striking and unique brand.

A brand new Kinorigo


Brands who trust

We love working with clients who really trust our knowledge, experience and expertise. Kinorigo has been one of these clients. We designed the brand CGI’s to best communicate the luxury and versatiluty of their materials and design execution. We paired their best projects delivered to some of the top London hotels and restaurants with imagery of the raw materials, making the overall brand essence a layered and premium experience.


Launching a furniture line

We worked with the Kinorigo team on their first new product line of marble and porcelain furniture. The perfect accompaniment to any residential or commercial design project. We assisted again with the CGI’s, design direction and strategic launch.


A new website

After elevating the entire Kinorigo brand experience, we then tackled their website. With needing to ensure we continued our communication around luxury, opulence, and sophistication, we designed a user-friendly digital experience that incorporated a modular flow with lots of white space. We heroed their project and material images, while still ensuring a clean user funnel through the website.

Desktop Magic


Getting mobile right

As an agency, we know that building not only a responsive but rather ‘mobile first’ site is incredibly important in our digital era. We focused on ensuring that the overall experience resonated and flowed well on mobile. We also measured our Google Page insights and scored high rankings for the site.

A Mobile First Experience

Responsive in Nature


Understanding Materials

When working with clients in the Architecture and Design industry, we ensure to understand the business core service delivery as best we can. In the case of Kinorigo, this meant visiting their local workshop in Coventry, the United Kingdom to see first hand the raw beauty and glory of the materials they source and procure from all over Europe. This became a core focus in our brand materials and website delivery to display and position Kinorigo in the appropriate luxury end of the market.


1.80 seconds to load the new website where the previous site took 6.47 seconds.


85/100 for the new site Page Insights score. The previous site scored 18/100.


84 performance score where the previous site scored 61.


“Thank you Wonderland for all the work you delivered. We’re very happy with our beautiful brand and we’re excited for the Kinorigo future.”

Gavin Worsley, CEO of Kinorigo