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The Client

What is health? Is health a figure? Is health physical fitness? Or is health a state mind and a lifestyle? Health goes beyond a physical form, it is so much more. Health is not just one thing. Health is body, mind, and soul. It is a culture of living a balanced lifestyle and this belongs to everyone. Evermore as a brand believes in discarding the mould. It is a disruption of conventional beliefs and preconceived notions of what it means to be healthy. It is a catalyst for a new way of thinking and a new age voice.

Challenging the Health Norm


Our Challenge

We connected with the team at Evermore around working with them on evolving their brand identity. They had developed the original brand and products, but had yet come to consider what would support those two elements. We were challenged with formalising the brand visual language and the key message around the brand.


Looking at things differently

As we kicked off the project, we were inspired by Evermore’s sheer determination to challenge the current health and beauty norms. They wanted to bring forward a real representation of health, which means that sometimes living the busy lives we do, it’s a challenge to look after it. We looked to create a visual language which would connect people from all walks of life to the brand.


Pop Culture Health

We worked on the brand visual culture and introduced a style of photography and health that would challenge people’s current perceptions around the idea of what ‘health’ is. We developed the corporate identity, brand materials, and website look and feel.


Campaign Rollout - Brave New Greens

We also developed a campaign to relaunch the Evermore product series. We took two of their key products and unpacked how this could be represented based on the rest of the brand visual language. We introduced the vibrant colour palette, stylistic photography and their new brand tagline – “Health is Nobody.”


Campaign Rollout - Clean and on Fire

What was important from a campaign perspective, was to communicate the same key brand message but for each product to form its individualistic identity. We explored a range of models to ensure a gender-neutral approach to the brand.


And the final result?

The Evermore team were thrilled with the final delivery of our strategic design input. We enjoyed working with such a unique brand, and we look forward to seeing how they grow as a brand in the future.