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The Client

The Conscious Custodians Foundation is a South African NGO that works globally. It functions as a global platform for its members to connect, communicate, collaborate and support those who are raising the collective consciousness of our world. They recognise and acknowledge those individuals and groups who dedicate their lives in contribution, preservation, and care to our world and each other.


Our Challenge

We were commissioned by the Conscious Custodian team to develop and design their foundation branding. As a new organisation, we had to strategically guide them through our Discover, Create, Define methodology in order to understand and correctly define them as a brand. We were then assigned their digital expression of the brand whereby we worked with them to deliver their final website.

And how did we make magic?


Our Solution

We designed an approachable and warm brand and visual language. We knew the foundation needed to communicate their impending impact. We needed to create a brand and look and feel that would warm people’s hearts and minds, and get donations to start rolling in.

An Emotive Brand


Their Digital Presence

We knew after designing the brand and visual language that the website would need to reflect the same emotive connection. We, therefore, went about designing the website with the intention of wanting to stir an emotive response whilst delving into the content and understanding what the organization truly delivers.

Creating Digital Magic

Mobile Experience


And the final result?

The team at Conscious Custodians have been delighted with the final delivery of our work. Now turned friends, we were thrilled to be a part of their journey and we look forward to seeing how far they will go!


“What an incredible journey to work with wonderland Collective! They designed our branding and website.  We have been continually complemented on the beauty and professionalism of our site. The team at Wonderland went out of their way to create something that is not only exceptionally beautiful, but also an accurate and proud representation of our foundation. Never was anything too much effort doing changes, their professional input extremely valuable. I would recommend anyone who really wants to go the extra mile and create an outstanding brand experience to use Wonderland Collective.”

Ilze (Puriv) de Leeuw – Founder of Conscious Custodians