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The Client

Athena Capital is an established private equity company that has the experience to deliver positive returns for innovation-led businesses. We partner with proven entrepreneurs and a vast network of specialists to provide the operational, strategic and financial support that can accelerate growth and maximise returns.


The Challenge

Athena Capital approached us to work with them on evolving their brand, as they felt they reached a stagnant and stale place with their identity and how they communicate that to their clients and partners. Athena Capital create value and, businesses to create a sustainable future for their investors and partners. They do this by investing responsibly in companies operating in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), business services and inclusive tech-enabled financial services sectors.

How did we execute on our strategy?


Our Solution

Athena is the name of the daughter of Zeus who was the goddess of wisdom, warfare, handicrafts, mathematics, and courage. The team had an existing logo which didn’t lend itself well to being used in various executions. It also didn’t communicate the meaning of the brand story.


Holding onto what works

The previous brand did, however, have an owl element which we chose to keep and progress. It tied in well with the brand story and we refined the overall logo mark so it could be flexible and used in many environments.


Communicating through digital

Once we had defined the brand and visual language, we commenced our work on the website. The client stipulated they wanted something simple and slick. A single scrolling page was the key to this site as it would give visitors a snapshot overview of the company, their investments, and team.


User Focussed

Creating a simple single pager is more complex than it sounds. We guided the client on the appropriate content and approach for their messaging. Whilst Athena Capital consists of a compact team, their portfolio packs a big punch in Africa.


A Global Approach

One of the key statements we were asked to reflect in the brand refresh and Athena’s digital presence, was one of a global entity that performs on a personal level. Our visual language brings forward grandiose imagery and speaks to the wonders of constructs and performance.

Desktop Magic


“We engaged with Wonderland Collective to design our brand evoution, CI materials and redesign our digital presence. We thoroughly enjoyed their project process and they delivered a terrific end product. We’ve recommended them to our portfolio brands and we will recommend them again in the future.”

James Bailes – Athena Capital