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In case you’ve been living under a rock: we’ve just opened up our London office by moving into Second Home. We are honoured to be sharing the premises with WP Engine – one of the largest hosts of WordPress sites in the world; at current estimates, they handle over 50 000 of the world’s most important WordPress instances.

Typically, we see this hosting environment being used for serious WordPress clients that are looking to step up their hosting. Wonderland is increasingly dealing with clients of this calibre, so it’s fortuitous for us to be in the same building as the folks who do it best.

In this regard, we’re really excited to announce that Wonderland Collective is officially a WP Engine preferred consultant and partner.

As Wonderland grows into becoming one of London’s premier WordPress specialist agencies, we look forward to hosting websites on a platform that is optimised solely for them:

All of these features really help us to provide an expert service to our growing and demanding clients. If you are interested in increasing your SEO rankings, conversion rates, and site speed, learn more about WP Engine here. If you need help migrating your site, Wonderland will do it for free!

It’s incredibly fortuitous that we’re in the same building and in partnership with WP Engine and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with these guys in the future.



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