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Digital Alchemy. Human Experiences.

10 years. 3 continents. Global clients. Our evolved brand.

Ask any Creative Director about the process of designing their own brand and I’m pretty convinced you’ll hear a story about the pain, angst and the mud-trudging journey they took to get to their final logo. We’ve been through something similar to fully understand who we are as an agency, where we fit in the galaxy of agency offerings, and what form we should take to best represent who we are. We have also evolved dramatically since starting our UK branch, which has also led to us branching further into the United Arab Emirates. So what does our brand mean to us? What a loaded question right? As obscure as this sounds, it’s mostly a feeling: one that’s rich, layered, expressive, warm and emotive. It’s how we interact with our clients, how we deliver our work, how we work together as a team, how we look at the world, how we define strategies, design our projects, code our sites and how we build brands of wonder. Most of all, it’s how we see ourselves moving forward and growing in the years to come.



On our brand journey we have harnessed the magic of Lewis Carrol’s Wonderland and unpacked that in a manner that speaks to us on a personal brand level. While we create and deliver brand work, we hold a sense of Wonder close to our hearts.

We marvel at night skies, howl to the full moon, embrace and seek out human connections and continue to relish our existence in the world. We term ourselves Wonderlanders for this very reason. We also strive to take our clients on a journey of wonder while we deliver our projects. We’re inquisitive, we challenge, we unpack, we enlighten and we deliver world class quality projects that excite audiences and create long lasting emotional connections.



We work with bold organisations to accelerate the positive change they are making in the world.

In essence, we look to work with clients who are making a positive impact on the world. Whether it’s a fintech company, charitable trust or public influencer advocating for marine protected areas, we’re the team players you want to parter with. We are committed to remaining focussed on our world, its people, its land, water, animals, existence, and believe that by working with these organisations, we can make the world a better place.



We’re a collective group of individuals who all bring great experience and expertise to the table.

At our core we believe in creating long lasting human connections, both within our team and with our clients and their audiences. There is a full spectrum of human relationships that makes our Wonderland. A collective of people who work together to create brands that form emotional connections with their audience. We’re proud to work on three continents with a global team. We’re also especially proud to work with clients from around the world.



And while so much about our agency and DNA has evolved, some things have remained exactly the same.

Our logo mark is our mark and we continue to carry it with us. We’re still delighted by it’s shape and form and the meaning it brings to our hearts. We have, however, evolved our visual language in our visuals and colours. It’s common knowledge that we’re colour fiends, but we’ve pushed this much further to our new look and feel. Imagine walking down the streets of Tokyo, head poised up, engorging your eyes on a marvel of neon magic. Can you feel the warmth of colour embrace your retinas? Now you’re with us.



We’ve spent countless hours helping our clients define why they exist, so it’s only fitting that we do the same for ourselves.

We believe there is a gap between how companies perceive themselves and how they are perceived by their customers. We use customer insights and data to design and build brands and digital platforms which deliberately close the perception gap. We build relationships and sprinkle a little bit of magic over these human experiences. Hence our tagline is: Digital Alchemy. Human Experiences.



While journeying to define and design our evolved brand, we came to a final place of happiness.

Our logo typography is quite a change for us, but it feels right. We believe the letter structures possess an energy and movement which we liken to the way in which we deliver our client work. There is connection between the components of each letter, whereby the visual composite registers with the construct of your mind to inform you of the letter you are reading. It’s a seamless and almost magical connection that is found. We believe this journey of the mind is similar to that of our projects and final outcomes.



I scream, you scream, we all scream for Wonder.

To launch our new brand and website we commissioned a previous Wonderlander, Frank Conradie, to create an edible and tactile representation of our Wonder. While we deliver some very serious and corporate brand work, we remain light hearted and fun when it comes to our own brand. We hope that you’re beginning to understand the feeling of our Wonderland, we want it to be a full sensory experience. Something you can almost taste; like if Heston Blumenthal created a dessert that looks like ice cream but tastes like magic with pop rocks. Naturally.



But it wouldn’t be Wonderland without tea.

We still take our characters and roles very seriously in Wonderland. And while we have definitely grown up over the last 10 years, we’ll always hold the story close to our hearts. So much so that our Co-founders’ daughter has chosen her role within Wonderland, and refers to Mum and Dad as Alice and The Madhatter when we read the story at bedtime. It’s a special place our Wonderland.



Wonderland is our destination. Be Brave. Be Human.

And so, while we have journeyed across sea and air to grow Wonderland and evolve into the brand that you now see, we also believe that Wonderland is our destination. It’s the adventure we walk along with our clients to best communicate and deliver impactful brands and experiences. It’s the tipping point where we complete our work, and where our clients go forth to conquer their hairy, audacious goals.


But what’s a brand experience without knowing what it sounds like? Well, take a listen to one of our favourite Jon Hopkin’s tracks. Best summed up as ethereal joy, instrumental delight and impending beauty.



If you work for a brand that strives to be brave and wants to form a deeper connection with your audience,  get in touch to chat about how we can help you.

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