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Digital Alchemy. Human Experiences.

The gaps between consulting businesses, creative agencies and software development companies are closing in order to find solutions for client problems.

With all of this conglomeration, who are you going to choose? Consulting firms like Accenture and Deloitte are going to be far too expensive for your small to medium sized business and they’re only going to tell you what to do, not do it for you. Creative agencies, if they haven’t been swallowed up by WPP and Publicis, are going to be able to implement your strategy but not provide you with one in the first place; and software development companies can build you a piece of technology that might not necessarily be the answer to your customer’s pain.

Where consulting on business issues used to be solely the domain of the consulting businesses, nowadays the great convergence is upon us and this role is being taken on by companies that can do the brain as well as the brawn work. Many in the consulting industry are scratching their heads as to why this is the case and the answer is deceptively simple: business is becoming more digital and technical by the way. The new strategy is the tactic, and these tactics are becoming increasingly digital.

This is a very interesting time in the industry with big consulting firms like Accenture acquiring design companies like Fjord, but it remains to be seen how these two very different entities can come together and form into something cohesive.

The success of companies like Apple has fostered a growing appreciation of great product design whilst Amazon and Netflix have shown us that elevated levels of user experience equal elevated levels of success. And now we have a not-quite-design-firm like our own – one that doesn’t fit inside your industry heart-shaped box, one that isn’t comfortable being part of associations or taking part in typical awards ceremonies.

Whilst we are starting to blend the three disciplines of design, consulting and software development; we’re undoubtedly led by design and the idea that great design, centered around humans, will change the world. We are bringing in a divergent problem solving approach where we challenge norms, prioritise creativity and yet, cut everything down until it can’t be made simpler. Good design is being recognised by companies worldwide as key to customer retention and providing value.

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