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Digital Alchemy. Human Experiences.

It’s often said that technological advancements like Blockchain, and specifically cryptocurrencies, are a solution looking for a problem.

What this epithet illustrates is that the best products are a soothing balm for the pain of the customer. Great marketing, then, is the microphone which amplifies both the customer pain as well as the brand’s solution.

Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” changed how brand builders think, not only about their marketing but about how their product is built. At Wonderland Collective, we begin each client engagement with a strategy session purely around the customer with a key question being: “why are they in pain?” Deep questions like this along with customer profiling allow us to design products and marketing that are far more engaging to the consumer. Let’s take an online mortgage broker for example:

For many of their customers, getting a mortgage online will be their first time. Imagine your first time doing anything: you were scared of the unknown and you wanted someone with you, that you could trust so that you made the right decision. You also wanted to know exactly what was going to happen next, so openness and transparency are key. Anxiety in these situations is heightened at least 10x when you’re making the biggest financial decision of your life; where making the wrong decision could cost you double digit % of your lifetime earnings. All of these psychological drivers are pain that can be addressed by the marketing as well as the initial product design.

So how do we address these drivers in the product design process? Great question! For Fintech products especially, trust is a major factor: people want to know that when they’re opening their wallets, they’re not going to get stiffed. They’re looking for:

Other digital elements which engender trust are clean and well-organised design with jargon-free calls to action as well as live chat to a real person. Savvy users are still aware of when they’re talking to AI chatbots, so either has a great bot or a great human at the end of the line.

It’s also very important for users to know where they are in the process and so having “breadcrumbs” in the design of your site helps them to understand where they’ve been and what’s going to happen next.

Ultimately, think of your users are bungee jumping for the first time – they need to know the cord isn’t going to snap, that you’ve tied the right knot, and nobody has died yet. Do these things and you’re well on the way to having a product that resonates with the right user for your business.

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