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As a company that specialises in it, we’re lucky that our clients are paying more attention to user experience and customer-centred design. These companies are engaging in this exercise because the market is more saturated than ever with marketing messages; the average human being encounters up to 10 000 pieces of marketing every day.

As a result of this, your cunningly devised advert which slates the opposition in a passive-aggressive way isn’t going to land the same way it did in 1997. If it gets through our self-imposed message filters, it’s diluted in the deluge of messages we actually let through. So, how do you win? Simple: customer advocacy.

There’s a reason that new formats like influencer marketing have become hot topics: because they promise access to the hearts and minds of new customers through existing ones. Your customer’s value then isn’t just in the revenue they bring to your company; it’s in the influence they have within their communities and their network. Case in point: I’m a massive fan of Gousto – a meal kit company that has reduced my kitchen waste by 87%, and has also lead to me cooking over 300 new meals in the past two years. I’ve referred over 5 new customers to them and yesterday I was having a discussion with a friend whom I referred who said they have too much plastic in their packaging. I’m connected on LinkedIn to their CEO, Timo Boldt, and saw that he’s committed to reducing plastic in their boxes by 50% into 2019. I mentioned that to said friend and it’s only reinforced both of our usage of Gousto’s kits. I’m not paid to do that or to write this blog post – I do it because I’m a fan of the customer journey I’ve been on.

If you’re in customer service and don’t know what a CRM is – I suggest you Google it chop chop. You’re missing out on what is now the must-have tool in your category. CRM adoption is driven by a number of factors, namely:

So what does this storm-in-a-teacup mean for customer relations?

Well, I can safely say that brand advocacy is the Wonderland state of customer relations.

But how do we achieve that? Essentially, brand advocacy is the identification of customer pain and the over remedying of that pain in order to create long-lasting delight and satisfaction in the brand. Gousto continues to do it for me by bringing different cuisines into my kitchen whilst reducing my waste. Netflix does it by producing amazing, on-demand content that I don’t have to sift through advertisements for (editor’s note: you can also skip through the opening sequence of any piece of content FTW!).

There is also a move towards mass personalisation.

For me it started with Nike iD and never went away. Mass personalisation is based on having the technology to enable a collaborative process between the customer and the company. How do we do this? Simply by accessing customer data and sifting through it in an effective enough way to get valuable insights into what customers actually want. In the online music fight between companies like Apple, Google and Spotify the company with the best algorithm wins. The best algorithm is one that gives me the right music based on my history, taste, what is about to launch and what I am yet to discover based on all of the previous data. The Netflix algorithm is getting this so right for online viewing, whilst the Amazon Prime algorithm has some way to go. On my company Slack instance we have a channel called #tv-movies and all we do there is recommend the next crazy Netflix series – customer advocacy rules hard.

“So how does my company prepare itself for this?”

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