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November 23 2018 /
Customer Led Strategy, Digital, Interior Design, Wonderland News

Architecture and Design Marketing Trends 2019

With the advent of technology like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, story telling in the Architecture and Design field is poised to be more immersive and magical than ever.

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November 22 2018 /
Wonderland News

Wonderland Two Point Oh Yes!

Welcome to the redesign of Wonderland Collective; it’s been a couple of years in the making and it’s encompassed for more than just a new website. 

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October 29 2018 /
Customer Led Strategy, Fintech

Fintech Archetypes for Successful Brands

Fintech has become a buzzword and a darling of the startup world. Disruption of traditional financial services is a reality with behemoths like TransferWise and Revolut taking the lion’s share of the limelight.

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October 6 2018 /
Design, Digital, Wonderland News

The Wonder of Our Land

10 years. 3 continents. Global clients. Our evolved brand. Ask any Creative Director about the process of designing their own brand and I’m pretty convinced you’ll hear a story about the pain, angst and the mud-trudging journey they took to get to their final logo. We’ve been through something similar to fully understand who we […]

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August 26 2018 /
Customer Led Strategy, Wonderland News

Putting the (U) Back Into Experience & Interface

It’s a common misconception that User Interfaces are the same as User Experiences – too often we see it called UX/UI when people in the industry know that the user interface is merely a part of the overall user experience. 

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August 25 2018 /
Wonderland News

HealthTech Trends for 2019

Affordable healthcare is all but a myth in the 21st century; prices of medicines have soared, and it seems like you and your local GP just doesn’t have the time you used to.

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August 22 2018 /
Customer Led Strategy, Wonderland News

Are Your Customers *THAT* Into You?

As a company that specialises in it, we’re lucky that our clients are paying more attention to user experience and customer-centred design. These companies are engaging in this exercise because the market is more saturated than ever with marketing messages; the average human being encounters up to 10 000 pieces of marketing every day.

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August 16 2018 /
Customer Led Strategy

Customer Success is Your Ultimate Success

We all agree that customers are important to our respective businesses, but over at Wonderland Collective HQ – we reckon customer success is the most important metric. Ultimately, we’re entering the age of the customer.

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July 20 2018 /
Fintech, Wonderland News

Fintech Trends 2019

2019 is set to be an incredibly interesting year for the Fintech community globally; 50% of ICOs have unsurprisingly gone south, Bitcoin’s price has dipped considerably and GDPR has taken its toll on the collection of data in Europe. With that said, it’s not all doom and gloom especially as the implementation of PSD2 means […]

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