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Digital Alchemy. Human Experiences.

A mobile first approach to digital, encompassing clean design.

Mobile is the defacto way of accessing the Internet and we take that seriously in our design. We breathe life into brands by igniting their digital presence to ensure that they engage your customers and leave a lasting impression.


First contact with your brand is usually in a digital format, so we consult with your customers to make sure your digital presence is true to your brand’s promise and mission. We shift our client’s perspective away from how and what they do, towards why they do it and that makes a huge impact on the efficacy of their digital presence.

What to expect

1-2 Months

  • Achieve your brand’s mission and vision
  • Use your online presence as a business tool
  • Bring your online presence in line with your refreshed brand
  • Combine your online marketing with operational requirements in the business
  • Streamline your marketing and operational systems
  • Move to a new way of managing online content

Your customers are the digital lifeblood of your business  so we use their insights to make your brand more effective for them in a clean and well designed manner.

At Wonderland Collective we collaborate with you and your customers throughout the creation of your digital property so that we can crystallise their needs as well as your own. This results in a truly memorable online experience.

  • UI & UX Design
  • Website Design
  • E-Commerce Design
  • Campaign Website Design
  • Microsite Design
  • Intranet Scoping & Design
  • Web Application Design
  • App Design
  • Systems Design

And what do our clients say?

“We have worked with Wonderland for many years. They helped us define who we are as a brand and we are grateful for their input.”

Roy Dunham – CEO, Frövi

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