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Digital Alchemy. Human Experiences.

Machines will never replace humanity, but they will certainly augment it.

Augmented and virtual reality has evolved from being weird tech gimmicks into full blown business tools that naturally create a higher level of excitement an engagement. AI is quickly moving on from dumb questions and answers towards actually advancing our world.

The world of digital technology is moving awfully fast; yesterday’s novelty is today’s necessity. We’ve been experimenting with this new tech and seeing where it fits in the business as well as consumer spaces; the future is as scary as it is bright. From the world record largest VR scanned environment to internal communications with a difference – we’ve done it and refined it.

What to expect

3-6 months

  • You have an internal communications campaign that needs to excite your audience
  • You have an internal space that multiple off-site stakeholders need to see
  • You want to automate your online FAQ
  • You want to increase on-site conversions 24/7 without employing extra staff
  • You have an art gallery or exhibition that needs to be seen internationally

We consult with you about your campaign requirements in relation to your company’s mission. We give you a demonstration of the technology you require by illuminating it with the case studies of our previous work.

We then create a formal brief and concept of the campaign before going into development to make it a reality.

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence

And what do our clients say?

“We engaged with Wonderland Collective to design our brand evoution, CI materials and redesign our digital presence. We thoroughly enjoyed their project process and they delivered a terrific end product. We’ve recommended them to our portfolio brands and we will recommend them again in the future.”

James Bailes – Athena Capital

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