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Digital Alchemy. Human Experiences.

We use customer-led strategy to create effective brands.

Your customers are the ones opening their wallets and their hearts to your company, so it’s only right that your brand reflects the ultimate solution to the pain they feel every day.

Your brand is the superhero and it needs to be supercharged. Rather than cooking up some baloney platitudes and fake vibe, we take it back to the customer and ask some difficult questions. The output of these helps us to manifest a brand that is distinctly human but full of the elements that make it effective and memorable.


What to expect

1-2 months

  • You’re starting a new business
  • You’re refreshing your old brand visual language
  • You just have a logo and no brand visual language
  • Your market has moved on but you haven’t

Our secret sauce is our customer-led strategy which engages your audience by asking them deep and meaningful questions. By making them the focal point of your brand, we ensure it’s longevity and efficacy in the long term and that’s a great thing.

We have a long list of happy clients that have undertaken this process in order to unearth the gems that sit in the minds of their customers. Let’s make magical brand babies together!

  • Identity Design
  • Visual Language
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Corporate Identity Materials
  • Internal Communications
  • Packaging Design
  • Data Visualisation
  • Infographics
  • Impact Reports

And what do our clients say?

“Wonderland Collective has been a design and digital partner of Sanlam Investments for over 5 years and in that time has shown incredible depth of knowledge and customer service. We absolutely recommend them for your brand, design and digital work.”

Dayleen van Zyl – Group Head of HR, United Kingdom

Let's make magic together


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