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Great brands aren’t manifested from thin air; they require us to think deeply about hard, existential questions and what is best for the customer. Our tried and trusted processes around branding ensure that you come out with something relevant and great.

How does it work?


We believe that customer buy-in is the key to success. In order to achieve this success, we participate in a customer-led strategy approach. The first phase of the project focuses on ‘Discovery’. In this portion of the project we discover and challenge the existing business situation in order to identify the opportunities for sustainable growth.


Using the strategy supplied and the research from our Discovery phase, we will move into the “Create it” phase where we focus on creating the look, feel and tone of the identity, and present ideas with rationales. Then we create a comprehensive brand visual language, documenting the standards of how the brand should be presented consistently through both digital and physical marketing channels.


Once we have a solid brand visual language from which to work off, we can create brand assets that are well designed, relevant and useful to you and your customers. We create all of your brand collateral including your stationery and your digital assets from your website and application down to your email signature and Powerpoint templates. All of these aspects clearly reflect your brand and purpose.

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How do we put process into action?

Our processes help you get to the heart of things, and bring the big picture into focus. Wonderland Collective’s brand interventions are tailored to our clients, their customers, and the change they want to make in the world.

Architecture & Design
Luxury Brands
Luno CEGA Mastercard Virgin Money Leo Innovation Labs Global Innovation Fund Nike Laureus Optinum Heart of Sharjah Sanlam Investments Conscious Custodians
Unpack This

Discovery, Research & Strategy

What we do -

  • Research & Insights
  • Brand Strategy
  • Communication Strategy
  • Naming
  • Customer-led Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Identity
  • Content Strategy
  • Digital Analysis
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Case Study -

Luno – Strategy & Branding



Branding, Identity & Collateral

What we do -

  • Identity Design
  • Visual Language
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Corporate Identity Materials
  • Internal Communications
  • Packaging Design
  • Data Visualisation
  • Infographics
  • Impact Reports
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Case Study -

Frövi – Brand, Collateral & Website



UX and UI Design

What we do -

  • UI & UX Design
  • Website Design
  • E-Commerce Design
  • Campaign Website Design
  • Microsite Design
  • Intranet Scoping & Design
  • Web Application Design
  • App Design
  • Systems Design
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Case Study -

BitX – Branding & Digital

BitX (Luno)


Full Stack Development & Support

What we do -

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Python
  • Django
  • React, Angular, Express
  • Website Maintenance & Support
  • Hosting
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Case Study -

GGH – Strategy, Branding & Digital

Greenoaks Global Holdings


Content Development & Communicating Impact

What we do -

  • Content roadmap
  • Website Content
  • Thought Leadership
  • Email Marketing
  • Impact Reports
  • Annual Reports
  • Content Plans
  • PR
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Case Study -

Lewis Pugh – Digital Campaign

Lewis Pugh


Innovation – AR, VR, AI

What we do -

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
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Case Study -

Sanlam Investments – Augmented Reality

Sanlam Investments


“We have worked with Wonderland for many years. They helped us define who we are as a brand and we are grateful for their input.”

Roy Dunham – CEO, Frövi

“We worked with Wonderland Collective on the launch and inorgoral year of our Chardonnay festival. We recieved fantastic feedback on the branding and overall look and feel for the event.”

Nikki Friedman, The Lady Fizz

“We received a large order within the first week of the website being live – from somebody viewing the website. Thanks to the team at Wonderland!”

William Rabey, Head of Business Development

“Wonderland Collective created an incredible, youthful looking brand that totally encapsulates our mission to raise tomorrow’s leaders. I would highly recommend them for any brand and design work.”

Bryan Habana – Team Habana

“We engaged with Wonderland Collective to design our brand evoution, CI materials and redesign our digital presence. We thoroughly enjoyed their project process and they delivered a terrific end product. We’ve recommended them to our portfolio brands and we will recommend them again in the future.”

James Bailes – Athena Capital

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