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Digital Alchemy. Human Experiences.


we’ve got your #squadgoals

The tea party has been happening for 10 years and it doesn’t look like stopping. Come and join a mad crew of people who don’t take themselves seriously but definitely take their work seriously.


Front End Developer

We are on the hunt for an incredibly talented and experienced front-end developer (with WordPress...

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Middle Weight Digital Designer

We are on the hunt for an incredibly talented and experienced mid-senior digital designer to join...

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If there aren’t any open positions suited to you, don’t hesitate to still get in contact. Talent is everywhere and we’re always happy to hear from you! We’re always looking for talented freelancers to partner with us on short and long-term projects too.

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Why Wonderland

We want to make the world a better place by defining and communicating the missions of world-changers. If our mission resonates with you, you’re a fun person with an incredible eye for detail and you like to deliver on time – then we’re the place for you.

We're Fun

We put a lot of time and effort into actually just having fun. We've got expert table tennis players, people who enjoy the odd drink or two and a Slack channel called #LOLS.

We Cherish Design

What really sets us apart is that we love great design. We think it, breathe it and live it. We go and look for it all the time and share it around so we grow in it.

We Get Out

We don't get stuck in the office 24/7. There is a great big mountain on our doorstep and we climb it along with Lion's Head regularly to get some fresh air and perspective.

We're Family Friendly

Got a kid? That's cool - bring them into the office to play with the office toys. Got a dog? Even better - just bring toys for your hound because ours are all chewed up already.

International Travel

Top performers get to go overseas to other offices for a week to see what goes on and enjoy themselves in a new city. We've sent staff to London, Dubai and Cape Town.

And life at Wonderland?


What We do